Why Fourbends Salesforce Consulting Service

We are one of the greatest technology partners you can work with because we have years of expertise in Salesforce customizations and Salesforce professionals.FourBends offers a variety of services geared at maximizing the commercial potential of Salesforce, including consultancy, implementation, integration, and support.

Edges of our on-demand model

bullet An agile and adaptable solution.
bullet CRM Development Expertise
bullet Certified Experts and Admins in Salesforce
bullet Expert and Skilled Developers
bullet Prompt Delivery
bullet Competitive Pricing

Our Offerings

Salesforce Integration
Salesforce integration services work to seamlessly connect Salesforce solutions to your other mission-critical platforms and with the help of FourBends' professionals,
you can overcome any integration obstacles and create Salesforce connections that are affordable.

The FourBends and Salesforce combination helps your company in
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your customers.
  • Use APIs to automate integration and business operations.
  • A thorough examination of software and business requirements.
  • Creating a thorough road plan and putting a solution into action.
  • Constant upkeep and support.
  • The enhanced user experience by using a single authentication across all tools.
Implementation of Salesforce
With the help of our Salesforce implementation specialists, establish a foundation of automated business processes that are seamless and reliable, end-user-friendly solutions, and a methodical approach to solution delivery.

Salesforce implementation features at FourBends include:
  • Full Cloud Implementation
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Implementation Strategy
  • 24x7 Support
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Migration
Facilitate and enhance your business processes while also making the tedious task of Salesforce CRM migration more efficient by enrolling the help of FourBends Salesforce migration services.

Salesforce Migration Features from FourBends:
  • Analyzing the data mapping and CRM in use today.
  • The client's validity.
  • Migrate your company's data to Salesforce CRM from any other CRM platform.
  • Data can be swiftly imported into the Salesforce CRM system by our Salesforce enthusiasts.
  • Bringing in and showing off sandboxes.
Development and customization of Salesforce
To help businesses accomplish their goals, FourBends offers Salesforce customization and application development services. To assist you in developing unique Salesforce modules, procedures, add-ons, and apps, we employ Visualforce, Apex, Lightning, and other tools.

The Salesforce Development & Customization features offered by FourBends
  • Based on your business model, we'll customize your Salesforce solution.
  • By integrating third-party systems, we can assist you in expanding your Salesforce solution.
  • For large-scale automated processes, we use Salesforce customizations to reduce time-to-value.
  • Set up apps created on the Lighting platform, report creation, and workflow validation.
  • Using the built-in Salesforce tool, add custom fields, objects, and records to your account.
  • Creating procedures and workflows to help you make the most of your resources.
Managed Services
Without needing to engage more full-time, devoted personnel, FourBends' Salesforce Managed Services offers a flexible, scalable, and economical method to safeguard and maximize your investment. We help companies manage and develop their Salesforce systems to fit their unique business needs.
  • Features of FourBends' Salesforce Managed Services
  • Continuous business operations
  • Flexible Salesforce solution and successful cost control
  • A real salesforce solution that changes to meet your business's needs
  • Meet the specifications of your business.
  • Improvement of features and operational procedures.
cloud services
Hiring Salesforce administrator
We assist you in hiring a Salesforce Administrator for both full-time and project-based jobs as a Salesforce agency with extensive experience and a carefully curated talent pool. All of the crucial facets of your Salesforce journey, such as analysis, configuration, deployment, integration, AppExchange documentation, business analysis, and user assistance, are areas in which our Salesforce admin excels. With a wide range of services at your disposal, Salesforce makes it simple to launch, grow, and succeed in your business.

Features of hiring Fourbends’ Salesforce Administrator:
  • Salesforce DX
  • Salesforce lightning developer
  • Salesforce Marketing cloud developer
  • Salesforce platform developer
  • Salesforce CPQ Developer
  • Salesforce commerce Cloud developer
  • Approval Process
  • Custom Objects
  • Fields Level Security
  • Data import and export
  • Process Builders
  • Custom Fields
Why choose us?
Flexible Engagement Models
We provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down at any time to meet your changing needs.
Start Right Away
Instead of you having to wait weeks or months, the developers can get to work right away.
Adaptable Working
Since there are time zone disparities, hiring and managing a remote workforce can be highly challenging. However, we provide our engineers the freedom to work in the time zone that best suits our clients.
Professional assistance
FourBends allows you to hire more than simply Salesforce developers. You receive the collective Salesforce knowledge and power of the team to solve your project's most difficult, complex issues.
24/7 Assistance
Because our clients are our top priority, we are ready around the clock to assist you with any problems you may be having so that your work is not hampered.
Excellent Coding Practices
Since FourBends is dedicated to perfection, we teach our developers the proper coding conventions to use when producing code.
IP & NDA Protected
We offer our clients and developers a secure communication environment, and we're also willing to sign an NDA that safeguards your information, your application, and you. Additionally, the code or application that our developers build will be yours to keep as long as you want.

What distinguishes us from other?

We think that how you describe yourself determines how the rest of the world sees you. Therefore, we consider ourselves to be innovative leaders in Salesforce Implementation.


Salesforce Certified Administrator


Salesforce Development Projects


FourBends offers you Dedicated Salesforce Administrators who collaborate with stakeholders to specify system requirements and tailor the platform, which enables users to maximize the potential of Salesforce technology.

Salesforce provides its services to the well-known and widely used automotive, retail, business, healthcare, financial, and service sectors.