Completely Tailored Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration
In the cloud adoption journey, Azure plays a vital role since it provides everything to accommodate your business need for phenomenal success in the future. To keep you secure and protected, we utilize a customized architecture that suits organizations' budgets and business objectives using the conventional manufacturing migration approach with azure migration tools.

As a well-experienced cloud migration service provider, We'll take care of your workloads and application migration with the reduction of business risk, disruption, and downtime. Our Azure Migration Consulting Services assist you to suggest the top azure migration strategy which meets your organization’s requirements.

Why Should You Adopt Microsoft Azure Cloud?


More than 80% of 100 Companies trust Azure cloud services and Solutions


Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud is widely used with a 60% adoption rate


Azure is the driving force behind 30% of worldwide cloud strategy.


More than 60% of respondents don't think investments in data and analytics produce real returns.


According to 73%, data analytics efforts don't often yield highly applicable insights.


Depending on the utilization of business intelligence, More than 90% of companies don’t demonstrate greater financial performance.

Migration Process Map


Strategy & Analysis

We can evaluate the organizational objectives and expected results throughout this period. It entails determining the cloud adoption parameters and linking the business demand and goals to quantifiable KPIs.


We identify and prioritize important workloads as well as provide modernization designs for transferring digital assets. Then, we coordinate the assets that will be transitioned, establish iterations, and migration timelines, and create milestone blueprints for the full trip.


We can set up the migration environment and expand the blueprint for the landing zone.

Innovation & Migration

In this key step, we evaluate the landscape's suitability for migration and start the migration process with re-hosting. In this process, assets are optimized and important IT infrastructure is rebuilt, refactored, and re-architected.

Administration and Governance

We take full responsibility for managing cloud workloads as part of our services, and we also monitor and optimize things like cost, security, data integrity, and compliance adherence. Additionally, we establish a baseline for identity and access, promote consistency, and standardize processes.

Our Offerings

Public, Private Cloud Migration
To best utilize the platform with the public cloud model and gain access to a pool of cutting-edge, shared resources that are available on demand, we build a personalized migration strategy and Azure cloud architecture blueprint. Move past the real servers and on-premises infrastructure. At the same time, We assist with the most agile and disruption-free implementation of private cloud initiatives on Azure cloud that ensures updated assets, unique virtual hardware, security, and web apps are protected in a cutting-edge, private environment.
Hybrid Migration
Leverage the Azure Stack package, which consists of Azure Stack Edge, Azure Stack Hub, and Azure Stack HCI, to adopt a dedicated hybrid cloud infrastructure that extends to your on-premises offices, data centers, and edge networks.
With our azure hybrid cloud migration services, extend the enterprise intelligence solutions to your edge environments. Hybrid cloud migration is the best suit if you need to use public clouds to store copies of on-premises data as a backup in case the on-premises data center is rendered unusable.
Datacenter Migration
Fourbends can help you upgrade your core data center and IT assets on Azure. We'll design your Datacenter Exit (DC Exit) plan and migrate all quest operations, apps, databases, mainframe systems, Azure storage, middleware, and current platforms safely and with never-before-seen agility on a high-performance.
In order to maximize achievement for your company's landscape, our professionals first comprehend the expanding needs of your business with a data center before designing IT models that are results-driven. Are you eager to modernize your data center using Microsoft Azure migration services? Okay, let's get going.
Infrastructure Migration
Change over to the Azure Cloud Platform from your on-premise, conventional IT infrastructure, and data centers to unlock ground-breaking operational agility, scalability, hyper-performance, and service excellence.
Utilize Fourbend's one-stop infrastructure migration solution and modernization services on Azure, which include backend computing, storage, networking, and server resources, middleware, OS, platforms, and architectures, front-end software, and server assets. Migrating to the Azure cloud can assist you in moving your on-site data centers to the cloud & our specialists work towards developing, managing, and deploying applications.
Application & Mainframe Migration
Adopt Azure cloud migration to provide flexibility and application performance on a modern platform. In Application Migration, Azure furthermore provides comprehensive services like Azure APO management or the Azure App Service.
Our application modernization services include tasks like re-hosting apps, replacing flexible key functions, re-platforming fundamental code structures, renovating cracked software segments, and enhancing main application architectures to embed cutting-edge features and microservices. IBM and Unisys are two of the most popular choices for mainframe migration. It involves the conversion of the midrange data, replicating, and syncing information.
Server & Database Migration
Migrating servers to Azure, some of the most often transferred workloads are Linux, SAP, SQL Server, and Windows Server. On the Azure Cloud, you can easily migrate all on-premises workloads, enterprise apps, servers, Azure data, data centers, mission-critical infrastructure, and edge databases including all relational databases, Open-source databases, SQL server databases, Windows server databases, and other cloud databases. Embrace intelligent business decisions by unleashing smart knowledge mining with Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Machine Learning, Data Migration Assistant, Azure Bot Services, and more.

Why Should you work with Fourbends?


With nearly one decade year of experience, we are being as one of the topmost Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Service Providers in the world.


Capabilities with a large number of Azure cloud-native tools and apps that are best managed in accordance with specific business requirements

Cloud Choice

We offer all the deployment model choices like Public, Private & hybrid communities.

Cloud Models

We provide all kinds of Azure Cloud service models such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and FaaS.


Our 24/7 Support will assist you in a better way than you are expecting from us.

Accurate Solutions

We served more than 500+ enterprise businesses with 99.5% high-scalability & accurate solutions.


The Azure Database Migration Service is a solution that makes moving databases to Azure easier, more automated, and guided.

Discovery and assessment, Server Migration, Data Migration Assistant, Azure Database Migration Service, Movere, Web app migration assistant, Azure Data Box & so on.

Azure Cloud eliminates operational hiccups during periods of high traffic, incorporates top-notch architectural security, & guarantees continuous availability and continuity while lowering IT hassles and expenses.

The length of the project can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on its scope.