Manufacturing and Retail
Exceeding customer value system while minimizing expenditure, lean production model by increasing efficiencies, quality and process improvement are needed to compete in the market. Our Manufacturing and Retail consulting Services will help you understand the impact of constant change to get into lean production model and profit from the order to deliver consumption model.
Industry Challenges
Manufacturing and Retail firms face constant demand and supply dynamics in a price sensitive market. Its hard to manage capacity in the current challenging times with fewer customers and across large manufacturing assembly lines.

We understand these challenges and provides solutions that not only improve business efficiencies but also aid business transformation.
How FourBends Can Help
FourBends provides end-to-end lean assembly chain solutions and services for the manufacturing and retail services industry. From procurement of raw From procurement of raw materials and management of assembly lines for orders to manufacturing and distribution, we have the capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.
Our domain-based offerings comprise solutions, platforms and consulting services, including the following:
Order based Production Scheduling
Capturing Product parts and configuration inventory for order
Service Information Solutions
Business Value
With our strong domain experience, focus on lean assembly line and our capability to provide end-to-end service for the manufacturing and retail services industry, we are best positioned to understand the imperatives of changes and hence, can be a strategic long term IT partner for the industry and realize an enhanced Return on Investment.

Working with FourBends as your business partner gives you access to our Enterprise Solution consultancy, enabling you to derive impressive benefits, including the following:
Optimized digital processes and identification of areas for investment in production line efficiencies through next-generation software development best practices to invest once and use multiple times
Consolidation of disparate systems that are getting in the way of efficient business practice
Capability to implement change quickly and seamlessly resulting in efficient processes and flexible IT capabilities.
We will deliver back-office efficiency, release the latent value from your existing investments and optimize core processes to yield long-term cost savings.

Partner with us, and take control of your digitization and ensure that your own people focus on the areas of strategic value.

Maximize the data accuracy of your system in Real-Time with our IoT solutions. Our standards of IoT Software development ensure the quality of the product without compromising the IoT security.

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