How FourBends IoT can benefit you

IoT refers to the process of connecting things to the internet and employing sensors and embedded software to communicate, gather, and exchange data. IoT enables a type of unrestricted interaction between people and machines, software and hardware, by combining connectivity with sensors, devices, and people. The IoT has nearly unlimited options and connections at home, at work, and during leisure activities.

Our Offerings

Prototyping IoT solutions
With a functional prototype, we bring your IoT solution's conceptual design to life.
  • Preliminary estimation of the amount of data that an IoT system will process.
  • Mapping out the connections between IoT components visually.
  • Organizing key elements of an IoT system in charge of producing, processing, and displaying data as well as causing smart objects to take appropriate action.
  • Depicting the functional range of each solution component, including control and user-facing apps, smart devices, data warehousing, and analytics solutions, and solutions.
Project planning for IoT
  • Calculating the project's budget and timeframe.
  • We develop a practical comprehension of the project's scope.
  • Defining the knowledge and abilities required for project execution.
  • Recognizing potential project hazards (budget changes, emergency expansion of the project scope, resistance to team adoption of new processes, and more).
  • Developing a data security plan.
Planning a high-value IoT adoption strategy
  • The ideal value proposition for IoT adoption is elaborated.
  • A detailed investigation of the organizational structure, operations, and business context.
  • Explaining the potential benefits of an IoT-enabled solution for your particular business situation.
  • Identifying the causes of any inefficiencies with our analysis.
Automating data processing
  • Constructing a huge data system.
  • Establishing big data governance practices.
  • We use automation to gather, filter, and analyze data from smart devices at every stage.
  • Creating models for machine learning.
  • Visualizing data insights through pre-made dashboards.
Integrated IoT development
  • We can manage every aspect of your IoT project.
  • Setting up IoT devices to keep an eye on the necessary conditions (of objects or environment).
  • Establishing control apps' algorithms to transmit commands to actuators.
  • Designing user applications to obtain practical analytics results and managing the functionality of smart devices.
  • Establishing an IoT gateway to send the data gathered to a data store.
  • constructing a data store.
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