Why Should You Hire Offshore Software Development Team?
Are you trying to find an offshore development team? First off, it's a good notion for you to consider outsourcing development services to an offshore firm because it will propel your business to greater heights of success.
The advantages of offshore are endless. However, because of their high level of skill and affordable costs, the majority of companies favor using offshore development companies.
You will always have access to our team of highly skilled project managers, software developers, and systems analysts, who will offer total transparency, adaptability, scalability, and confidentiality to your project.

Technologies We Use For Offshore Development

Expert teams specializing in various platforms and technologies exist at Fourbends. Simply select the appropriate category, and our dedicated offshore developers will produce solutions of the finest quality for you.


Hire .Net Developers

Hire .Net developers at Fourbends to hasten your digital future. Since they are skilled & having years of experience in a variety of Microsoft technologies and languages like VB.NET, C#, C++, Ms. SQL, and ASP. They are capable of producing outstanding online apps, professional mobile apps, and strong enterprise apps.

Hire React.js Developers

Finding the proper expertise might be challenging, but Fourbends makes it simpler to hire talented employees. Hire ReactJS professionals who have been thoroughly vetted to increase your development output. Hire ReactJS developers to create specialized web solutions and dependable assistance for your projects.

Hire Azure DevOps Engineers

To transform your disjointed workflow into a synchronized process between your Dev and Ops teams, hire Azure DevOps engineers from Fourbends. For your benefit, our professionals adhere to Azure DevOps regulations and practices. Our developers use Azure Board, Azure Pipeline, Azure Repos, Azure Artifact, Azure Test Plans, Azure Monitor, and other DevOps tools with extensive experience.

Hire AWS Server Migration Engineers

At Fourbends, You can check out the AWS Server Migration Engineers with the high-talented skills you needed for your projects. Managing an offshore team is a feasible thing for us. As the same, Our AWS Server Migration Engineers will help you in simplifying & expediting the migration to the cloud without modifications & lower downtime.

Hire AWS Lambda Engineers

Finding a Lambda engineer won't be too difficult because we are here to assist you in hiring the top AWS Lambda engineers for your projects. Strong proficiency in multiple languages, including Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.js, C#, Python, and Ruby, as well as knowledge of some front-end technologies (like React) in creating the greatest Lambda projects.

Hire GraphQL Appsync Engineers

Hire our GraphQL Appsync Engineers to build the robust serverless architecture which was the client exactly needs. Get a fast & flexible framework with the help of our well-experienced GraphQL Appsync Engineers. They will accelerate your application development with securable & adaptable interfaces.

Hire Ionic Developers

Hire a dedicated Ionic developer who offers outstanding hybrid app development services for small businesses, large corporations, and start-ups. They create flawless, integrated apps that are tailored to your company's needs and combine highly functional features.

Hire Salesforce Developers

Hire our Salesforce Developers to provide your customers with cutting-edge experiences through superior Salesforce solutions. With the agile methodology, our salesforce developers have clear communication and complete transparency. Hire the best salesforce developers who have the ability to increase CRM Sales at the double level.

Industries We Serve

Being one of the best countries for offshore software development, we serve development services for a wide range from startups to large enterprises all over the world & diverse sectors of businesses. Education, Banking, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Insurance, Lifestyle, Productivity

Benefits of right cloud migration strategies for business


Hiring Model

Dedicated Team

Hire offshore programmers for your business project on a monthly basis. Our offshore developers are aware of the most recent trends and technologies and can promptly respond to your company's needs.

  • No supplementary charges
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Pay for just actual work
Fixed Price

Hire developers for a one-time fee; this is ideal for initiatives that have been planned in advance and have certain goals and objectives.

  • No supplementary charges
  • Payments based on milestones
  • Zero setup costs
Hourly Rate

Choose the hourly model with a charge-as-you-progress deal if you need continuing work for undefined projects.

  • No supplementary charges
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Pay for just actual work

Why us?

Worldwide Talent

Not gaining the necessary skills in your region of the world? We have access to a worldwide staff of IT experts who have years of experience developing practical solutions.

Expansion Flexibility

We can expand our dedicated resource model package to meet your needs, whether you need a whole team to build your new app or just to add more talent to your current team.

High-Quality But Affordable

Working with a dedicated resource team significantly reduces your overhead costs for office space, software, and technology because the team operates remotely.

Pick-And-Choose Service

Any expertise you require for your endeavor, you already possess. You are not required to remain on the team you are put on indefinitely. Work only with programmers and developers who will benefit your project.

No Interruptions Or Misunderstandings

As qualified on the offshore development center checklist, our project managers, programmers, and developers only focus on your project and never work on any other projects during the term of the contract,

Only If Necessary

Need to stop your project in the middle? Need to halt business activities for a few months? There is no need to invest in full-time employees. We can easily reallocate your crew to another project while your project is suspended, saving you a ton of money and legal issues.


Offshore software development is the process of handing over a project (completely or partially) from a client to a software development vendor outside of the client's organization.

Lowers the cost of development, a variety of skilled individuals, Extensibility, powerful skill set, and so on.

The cost to hire a dedicated team depends on the hiring model you choose and the skill set & experience of the developer who you may choose

Fourbends is the right choice when considering hiring developers for your project since we have two decades of experience & certified developers.