Digital evolution have changed the way of traditional teaching and the setup of the traditional teaching medium, with E-text books replacing the traditional text books, E-Learning is taking major market share in the education field and is expected to become a primary medium of practical and collaborative Learning.
Industry Challenges
Although E-learning provides encouragement for more innovative instruction and collaboration, it possesses great challenges for Institutions, Instructors, administrators, content providers and consumers:
Various types and sources of digital content posses great challenge in Curriculum Design
Significant cost of maintaining Learning Environments.
Integration cost of Learning Environments and Learning tools/content.
Discoverability of the relevant and appropriate content.
Interoperability among leaning tools.
Privacy protection, user authorization and seamless tools integration.
We understand these challenges and provides solutions that not only help the institutions reduce their Learning Environment cost, but also help content providers and consumers to build their system based on educational and Interoperability standards for wider adoptability and discovery.
How FourBends Can Help
FourBends provides end-to-end value chain solutions and services for the Education and information services industry. From hosting to content creation and management to building robust, scalable and Interoperable learning environment, we have the capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs of institutions, content providers and content consumers tools alike.

Our domain-based offerings comprise solutions, platforms and consulting services, could help:
Select appropriate tools to minimize the integration cost.
Provide cost effective cloud based hosting solution for their learning environment needs.
Content Providers
Build Interoperable content.
Map content with the state standards.
Greater content discoverability.
Ensuring reliable classroom content delivery.
Authorization and content subscription management.
Ensure seamless classroom experience.
Content Consumers
Build Interoperable Learning platform.
Build open services for content Exchange to minimize the integration cost with content providers.
Seamless multipoint deep integration with other tools based on the industry standards.
User authorization and authentication.
Usage and Analytic data based on the industry standards.
Mobility Solutions and Services
Business Value
With our strong domain experience, focus on R&D Innovation and our capability to provide end-to-end service for the education and open learning industry, we are best positioned to understand the imperatives of changes and hence, can be a strategic long term IT partner for the industry and realize an enhanced return on investment.

Working with FourBends as your business partner gives you access to our Enterprise Solution consultancy, enabling you to derive impressive benefits, including the following:
Built next-generation E-learning system and maintain them with the ever evolving industry standards.
Consolidation of disparate systems that are getting in the way of efficient business practice.
Capability to implement change quickly and seamlessly resulting in efficient processes and flexible IT capabilities.
We will deliver back-office efficiency, release the latent value from your existing investments and optimize core processes to yield long-term cost savings.

Partner with us, and take control of your digitization and ensure that your own people focus on the areas of strategic value.

Maximize the data accuracy of your system in Real-Time with our IoT solutions. Our standards of IoT Software development ensure the quality of the product without compromising the IoT security.

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