Do More Via Server Less

We have expanded our flawless services to a wide range of business sectors, building reliable, scalable, and affordable serverless apps that meet your organization's needs. We utilize AWS Serverless Lambda, Amazon's serverless computing platform, for our app development services. Serverless functions in AWS Lambda allow the creation of data-processing triggers for AWS services. Hence, it automatically executes your code or application on high-availability computing infrastructure without managing or installing servers. As the best serverless development company, we design Serverless Architecture that delivers the code with a highly securable & flexible methodology.

Boost Effectiveness & Optimization

Our AWS-certified engineers will architect your application for effectiveness and transparency. In order to confidently optimize & completely match spending with demand, we will help provide a thorough perspective into your cloud spending by application feature & function.

Architect In Assurance

With dozens of successful workload re-architectures and fresh deployments on behalf of our customers, Fourbends has extensive experience in AWS Lambda serverless architecture.

Enhance Your Business

Turn up your level to the high grade with efficient serverless services which will be an inevitable trend in the future. Our expert team can assist you in the migration to serverless with AWS Lambda

Our Services With AWS Lambda

Integration of Node.js based backend with AWS Lambda.
Microservices for the already existing web apps
Support & Maintenance
Comprehensive Integration Services

Key Features in AWS Lambda

Let’s take a look at the unique features of one of the AWS SAM support systems.

Custom Logic To Other AWS Services

AWS Lambda lets you add customized logic to AWS resources, and makes it simple to apply computation to data as it enters or moves within the cloud. Lambda will execute your function when the resource changes, launching and managing the computing resources as necessary to keep up with incoming requests.s

Fully Automated Administration

You can concentrate on creating unique backend services since AWS Lambda takes care of managing the infrastructure needed to run your code on highly available, fault-tolerant architecture. With Lambda, you never have to worry about scaling or adding more servers as your demand increases or updating the underlying OS when a patch is issued.

Ease of Own Code Usage

There are no new programming languages, tools, or frameworks to learn when using AWS Lambda. It is possible to utilize any third-party library, even native ones. By packaging it as a Lambda Layer, you can easily manage and share any code (including frameworks, SDKs, libraries, and more) across several functions.

Seamless Scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales to handle the volume of incoming requests without any explicit configuration and only runs your code when it is required. As the frequency of events rises, performance is consistently high in extensive AWS Lambda deployment without configuration delays because of the automated scaling feature.

Make Custom Middleware

With the help of the Lambda application programming interface (API) or unique API endpoints created with Amazon API Gateway, you may utilize AWS Lambda to develop new backend application services that are activated on demand. Instead of handling custom events on the client, Lambda handles them to help you avoid client platform variances, save battery life, and facilitate easier upgrades.

Packaging & Deploying Functions

Building Lambda-based apps utilizing well-known container image tooling, workflows, and dependencies are simple for customers according to AWS Lambda's support for function packaging and deployment as container images. The use of a standardized set of technologies makes it possible to streamline central governance requirements like security scanning and image signing.

Benefits of AWS Lambda


Lambda executes your code on infrastructure that is highly available, fault-tolerant, and distributed across several Availability Zones (AZs) in a single Region. It also handles all infrastructure administration, maintenance, and patching. Lambda also comes with integrated logging and monitoring features, including support for AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and CloudWatch Logs.

Real-Time Data

The GraphQL API includes subscriptions that enable you to publish real-time data updates from any event source to clients on the web, on mobile devices, and on the Internet of Things. AWS Appsync with GraphQl maintains the establishment of serverless WebSocket connections, message broadcasting, and fan out to up to millions of linked clients.

Powerful Environment

Lambda supports developers additionally with AWS Serverless Application Repository, AWS Serverless Application Model, and integrations with a variety of integrated development environments (IDEs) like AWS Cloud9, AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, and AWS Tools for Visual Studio Team Services, among others. You have access to a robust ecosystem for creating serverless apps through Lambda's integration with other AWS services.

Monitors in Milliseconds

AWS Lambda checks for each millisecond (ms) that your code executes and for the number of times it is triggered. Instead of paying per server unit, you are charged for consistent throughput or execution time.

Boosts Creativity

By handling infrastructure management, Lambda frees up your programming resources so they may concentrate more on innovation and the creation of business logic.

Regular Expansion

By running event-triggered code concurrently and handling each event separately, Lambda accurately regulates the scaling of your functions (or application).


Companies may design and run applications using serverless architecture without having to worry about managing infrastructure. It offers a solution to relieve your workload of architecture-related duties including provisioning, scaling, and maintenance. Automatic scaling is an option, and you only pay for what you consume.

Lambda enables you to create apps that react fast to new information and events using the computing service.

Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.js, C#, Python, and Ruby code are all natively supported by AWS Lambda, and it also offers a Runtime API that lets you use any other programming language to create your functions.

We have worked with Serverless Architecture for many years. Specifically, our talented and committed engineers have built a number of wildly successful AWS Lambda-based projects that take full advantage of AWS.